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Money Unblocking Camp

This course is hugely needed as one of the 7 foundation courses, in order to understand the complexities of black finances in USA. To reach optimal financial success, Black Americans and other Africans, must successfully trade products with black Americans. However, the dynamics of money and Black America is very intricate. All details must be …

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Lasting Joy (Non Credit)

Lasting Joy is another 1 of the 7 needed foundation courses, which can be for every black man or woman, to assure their lasting joy, as their personal responsibility, before and after marriage. This is also a hugely successful course, needed for all potentially married men and ladies as well as married men and ladies.

Dating for Marriage Only (Non Credit)

Dating for marriage is 1 of the 7 needed foundation courses, which prepares our ladies to date exclusively for marriage. This course is packed with Internationally wise dating tools. Since 2015, this course has helped Wife School students became quickly engaged and are still married, after completing this course, and later Wife School. Married ladies …

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