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Lasting Joy is another 1 of the 7 needed foundation courses, which can be for every black man or woman, to assure their lasting joy, as their personal responsibility, before and after marriage.

This is also a hugely successful course, needed for all potentially married men and ladies as well as married men and ladies.

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Khaliah Coleman
Posted 1 month ago
Family Esteem is Key

I have watched and rewatched this course before making a review that is how much I enjoyed it and wanted to really meditate on the life-changing content. I keep finding time and time again that I have attempted and instinctively hold close to me many of the principles, but they were lost and became dormant along the way. You should really take this course and experience the great teachings!

Danae Mosley
Posted 1 month ago

I’m just so grateful for Mrs. Grangenois, the ROR movement, and the endless invaluable lessons. Looking forward to implementing what I’ve learned from this course and increasing joy for myself and my family.

Posted 2 months ago
Ready for a life full of joy

After taking this course, I am excited to implement changes for lasting joy in my life! I always wondered why I’d feel sad for no obvious reason but now it makes so much sense. Grateful for this course. Thank you Mrs. G!

Posted 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this course. Knowing how to have lasting joy in these times is so important for families. We can let go and know that we have power to decide the life we want. I love that.

Posted 2 months ago
Lasting Joy

This was/is such a wonderful course. I feel it's one that I will review many times over. Only you and provide yourself with lasting joy. It has to come from within and this course teaches you just how to navigate through that. Highly recommended. Thank you again Mrs Grangenois.

Donna Bullock
Posted 2 months ago
It was a Joy to watch

I watched this course with my niece and it was a beautiful bonding moment.

Posted 2 months ago
A gem

Lasting joy is so important. I am thankful that I've been able to take this course and will apply it to our family so it can last from generation to generation.

Posted 2 months ago
Foundational course

Worth your time and patronage. Merci G family. Many gems.

Posted 2 months ago
The keys to happiness!!

I have been struggling with finding and keeping happiness. This course has shown me why and how to change it. I will definitely start focusing more on doing the things that create lasting joy. There will be no more doing things for instant gratification. Thank you so much for this amazing and life changing course.

Posted 2 months ago
Changing our mindset is so important.

Bravo! The power of this movement to change the culture is exponential. The need to put our family first as part of lasting inner happiness is so important. Generational success hinges on our changing our focus. Step away from media, entertainment and tv focus!

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