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This course is hugely needed as one of the 7 foundation courses, in order to understand the complexities of black finances in USA. To reach optimal financial success, Black Americans and other Africans, must successfully trade products with black Americans. However, the dynamics of money and Black America is very intricate. All details must be studied and mastered to win the most sought after dollar in the world, the Black dollar.

This course is for all Black men and women, who seek to assure that their family succeeds financially, and for generations.

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Posted 3 years ago
Money Mindset

The first time I took Money Unblocking years ago, I thought it was Ok, I didn’t understand the depth of it until I’m taking it again now. I’ve been working on my money mindset The Attraction and Building sections are subtle yet powerful. We need a different mindset about money and these courses will help get you there. Must follow the steps and focus!

Tanisha B Finch
Posted 3 years ago
Perfect Synopsis

Before watching this video, I was unclear why I was having a hard time with passive income. I won’t give away the secrets of the course, but I will say that my mystery has been solved. Wonderful!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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