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How Men Want To Pay For You.

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This is usually the first official course that ladies take, which brings much clarity to understanding men, and who they will happily provide for. This course is 1 of the 7 needed foundation courses, which is guaranteed to change the way that men positively relate to you, immediately and forever.

This course is a must also for married ladies. There is so much wisdom to be learned and passed down here, to assure that all of your children understand their rites of passage, too.

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Posted 3 years ago
Valuable and Protetected

This course shed light on so many things that were taught wrongly to me. So happy to have an opportunity to relearn such wonderful life tools. I am so ready to pass this information on for generations to come!

Sherna Peterson
Posted 3 years ago
Changing Focus For Better...

This course is eye-opening. It has caused me reflect deeply on our culture and how imperative it is for us to change the course for better for generations to come. I'm excited to have been introduced to such a powerful movement. I look forward to my journey of being re-raised to live in a patriarchal society and becoming a nurturing wife and mother.

Lauren Lewis
Posted 3 years ago

When we look for joy, we always look outward and not into ourselves, and our actions. This course, like every course available at BWU, are always going to give us exactly what we need to thrive, be fully accountable, and let go of everything matriarchal.

Posted 3 years ago
Mrs. G’s guide to being sustainable

This lesson is so accurate that it is hard to fathom how we did not figure this out yet in the US. Merci Mrs. G for your time and integrity.

Khaliah Coleman
Posted 3 years ago
The Gems In this Course Are Invaluable

I am in awe of the limited knowledge we as AA Women and deprived of even more so when the fathers have behaved as males and have not been there. What an awful way to be limited and have to settle for less when we are deserving of sooo much more. And even for the men here that had to be subjected to things meant to defeat them and destroy the black family. The Grangenois Family has the cure!

Posted 3 years ago
Very Thankful

Much wisdom shared in this course. Extremely refreshing content. I plan to listen again.. & again lol

Posted 3 years ago
I am volunteering !

I love love love this course, this was probably my favorite one. I enjoyed learning how to get men to pay for you. "Hey I am just at the hospital volunteering."

Posted 3 years ago
One of my Favorite Courses

Next to the etiquette course How Men Want to Pay is one of my favorite courses of all times! I relisten over and over, because it is so encouraging. Madame G holds no punches in this life giving course.

Posted 3 years ago
Be a wife happy life

This course reminds that actions speak louder than words and compassion matters more than manipulation . Be a wife happy life.

Posted 3 years ago
So needed!!

This course is one of my favorites!! Very powerful lesson that has helped me connect the dots with all of my past experiences and I’m so grateful I got the lesson to better help me for my future!! I highly recommend this powerful, very life changing course!!

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