Keep His Interest W/NO PM Sex (Non Credit)

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This course should immediately follow the Dating For Marriage course. It is also 1 of the 7 needed foundation courses, which prepares our ladies to keep a man’s attraction before and during the engagement period, without the damaging sex part. And yes, we mean that the amazing powerful tools taught in this course, will cause a man to need and want to marry you, with zero sex involved.

Married ladies seriously need this course too, to make sure that their future or current daughters always stay on the right track.

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Marilyn Atkinson
Posted 3 weeks ago
Mind Blowing

Wow...until this course I had no idea that this could even be a reality. Especially being a Black American Woman. Thank you so much for this Wisdom Madame Grangenois. You are a Gem!

Posted 2 months ago

I understand the lead up to the answer now. This information should be guarded from females until they decide they need to be women. Merci Mrs. G 💎

Posted 3 months ago
Keeping his interst with no pm sex.

Amazing course! I enjoyed this course very much, as always very great information. Thank you Mrs G.

Myesha Miller
Posted 4 months ago
2nd time viewing

I am so glad that I was able to view this course for a 2nd time. Each time you view a course you gain keys to growing in your femininity. Repetition increases understanding and allows you to pick up on things that you weren't open to see the first time around. We take courses for furthering our education in other areas, so why shouldn't we for generational success? RoR Wife School gives us that.

Posted 4 months ago
On Repeat!!

I love love love this course!! It’s so beautiful how this teaching transforms your heart and mind to think in a more compassionate and considerate way!! So very grateful I’ve gotten this lesson to pass down to my daughter and granddaughter!!! Lovely course I highly recommend!!

Posted 5 months ago
This Fills in So Many Gaps

This answered so many questions for me. Many things I did not know or consider but once spoken out loud made everything clear. This will save lives and time.

Renee Wilson
Posted 5 months ago
Watch Again & Again

I have watched this course at minimum once a year and pick up on something that I missed the last time around. So many jewels.

Posted 5 months ago

I need to travel! This was eye opening even though I’m not sure I know the answer. Thanks again Grangenois family!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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