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Natural Wife Beauty School (Bundle 1 to 4).

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Lauren Lewis
Posted 2 years ago
Life changing!

The level of freedom gained for blaq woman in America through this course is Out. Of. This. World. Beauty never felt so complete. Forever grateful. Thank you ROR.

Posted 3 years ago
Oil and water don’t mix

Highly informative and recommended .

Sherna Peterson
Posted 3 years ago
Excellent Course

This course was spot on when it comes to us embracing our natural beauty in such a graceful and elegant manner. I loved the segment on taking care of our skin and not to over do it with make-up piled on our faces which is a delusion anyway. A little goes a long way and makes a greater impact. Staying true to your natural beauty is always the goal.

Dee Rogers
Posted 3 years ago

Who new one meal a day is what is needed to increase health?! Would love to join Mrs. McCann's group. I've learned so much from this course. Excited to implement these changes.

Posted 3 years ago
To tweeze or not to tweeze lol

This course has given me a new outlook on what matters most when it comes to appearance. America has taught us to prioritize the wrong things in beauty as well as life. Merci for your beauty maintenance assistant Mrs. Grangenois. 💙🌸

Deidra Mcdowell
Posted 3 years ago

I learned so much and I am now fluent in interlocking my hair. I am working on perfecting my eyebrows. The clean eating advice to keep healthy skin was very important and I now can practice my gag reflex and proper brush my teeth and mouth. My husband is going to love it. Lol Merci! Merci! MERCI!

Khaliah Coleman
Posted 3 years ago
Your Appearance Doesn't Do Everything For You!

What a true saying! This class is the ultimate balance of gracefully understanding that your appearance is important, but you must work on your personality and character in order to draw in the proper man to you and to then represent your Royal Family Properly as the Wife and Queen of the Home!

Shaunese Lawrence
Posted 3 years ago
Amazing and Life Changing

This course is so powerful for black women who aspire to marry or maintain their marriage with a masculine black man. Understanding how and what it takes for a black woman to look like a classic wife. I will be recommending this course to every black woman I know. I feel like I understand myself as a black woman a lot more. Thank you ROR!

Posted 3 years ago

Taking this course literally helped me see myself, my daughter and other African women in a deeper more beautiful respectful way!! I never realized we have so many bad habits and unnecessary steps in our grooming that take away from our natural beauty and also financially from our family’s wealth building!! I had so many lessons I brought back to my family!! I highly recommend!

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