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7Foundation Courses.

7 Foundation Courses.

7 Foundation Courses Reviews.


Money Unblocking Camp

This course is for all Black men and women, who seek to assure that their family succeeds financially, and for generations.


Submissive Course Part 1&2 (Non Credit)

Single and married ladies can come here to enjoy mastering the art of submission.


Keep His Interest W/NO PM Sex (Non Credit)

How to keep a man’s attraction before and during the engagement period, without the damaging sex part.


Lasting Joy (Non Credit)

This is also a hugely successful course, needed for all potentially married men and ladies as well as married men and ladies.


Dating for Marriage Only (Non Credit)

Dating for marriage is 1 of the 7 needed foundation courses, which prepares our ladies to date exclusively for marriage.


How Men Want To Pay For You.

This course is a must also for married ladies. There is so much wisdom to be learned and passed down here, to assure that all of your children understand their rites of passage, too.

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