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How to self love?

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Shanice Prosper
Posted 2 years ago
Eye Opener

This course was such an eye opener. Fantastic points made and ideas shared on how to love yourself and other. I’ve watched this three times already and will continue to watch over and over again and expound on my notes. Thank you so much Mrs. G

Danae Mosley
Posted 3 years ago

I am watching this course for the 3rd time and each time feels new. So many jewels on how to love myself and other people more, and this is the route to happiness!

Posted 3 years ago
A Pratical & Streamlined Guide to Self-Love

In this video, Mrs. Grangenois and Mrs. Perryman graciously give 31 pratical, action, steps that anyone can implement immediately in order to increase their self-love and happiness. I appreciate that this Self-Love course is concise and to the point, yet it is also overflowing with invaluable wisdom. I highly recommended this course to anyone who truly wants to be a happier person.

Posted 3 years ago
21 day challenge LETS GO!!💙🌸

After this course I am soo ready for my 21 day diet of negativity and doubt. I have already started on #25, calling my sister as soon as I finished the course. I began circling which numbers I believe I needed the most work on until I realized I had more circled than not. I am very eager to feel my spirits and notice consciousness elevate. Merci beaucoup Mr. and Mrs. Grangenois.

Deidra Mcdowell
Posted 3 years ago
Merci Mrs G and family

Thank you I made ayre to take detailed notes as this is my third time reviewing this course. I appreciate all of the information given and is applying more and more to my life daily.

Lauren Lewis
Posted 3 years ago

Mrs.G and family will never let you down when it comes to growth. Each lesson really resonates, and unlocks us in a way, that is unimaginable. Grateful to receive this wisdom.

Posted 3 years ago
You need this course

If you’re coming wondering if you should get this course there is your answer. Mrs.G explains things so well. Practical guidance on how to raise your consciousness & be more joyful. I enjoyed this course so much I watched it again & took notes. Thank you Mrs.G! Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

Donna Bullock
Posted 3 years ago
This course was a joy to watch

It’s common for us to view self love as a day of spa treatments, but in this course, you will learn free, practical steps to achieve authentic self love that goes beyond a basic massage.

Dee Rogers
Posted 3 years ago
How do you love yourself?

Self love is more than self care. It's a change within yourself and I didn't now that till now. Take this course. Change your mindset. Learn to self love ❤️.

Posted 3 years ago
A needed jewel.

This course is a must take for any person interested in growing love for self, or compassion for others. This course changed my outlook to be able to focus on intentional positivity. I highly recommend taking for self, or to gift it. I only wish I had taken this when I was younger.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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