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Wife School Acceptance Letter 2

Dearest Mr Sanders, Mrs Sanders and daughters,

This separate letter is to inform your family of the unique acceptance by BlackwealthU, of your daughters. We have determined that we can also grant your family with 2 of our highest level scholarship amounts to your two eldest daughters, while also fully admitting your last two daughters; with full access and participation; at no additional cost, as age appropriate.

All financial applications of all of your family’s donations to BlackWealthU, do also apply toward the Senegal investment home, as well as to the travel study costs.

To add further clarification, when three of your family members fully donates €5,965 each (which is $6,480 as of today), $19,440 will be applied to all five of your Wife School studies, testing, graduation, and certifications; as age appropriate.

As well, this same $19,440 will apply toward ownership of your Senegal vacation home.

This same $19,440 will cover a 7-30 day trip to Senegal to include your entire 6 person family’s accommodations, airport transfers, meals, studies & entertainment; again not to include airfare.

Wife School 2022 includes:

ALL of the 54 extensive WIFE SCHOOL courses, as applicable; to be completed witin 2 years

Wife School testing process, graduation to become a Certified Wife, as well as your official WIFE SCHOOL certificate, and lifetime student number

Accomodations for travel studies in Africa, ,and the add on, to include travel studies.

€5,965 toward a home in Senegal, for the purpose of investing, living, vacationing, renting to vacationers here, or all of the above.

Husband Summit Online courses

Engagement and Marriage Negations assistance  

Certification & lifetime filing

Graduation ceremony

Lifetime Certified Wife trip discounts, after becoming certified

Lifetime access to the Certified Wife network of generational success and wealth.

Passive income development, to gain your investment back, and to receive passive income for life.

To reserve your place in Wife School, you will need to complete and return your agreement to the terms below within 3 days.


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