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WSO5. How to keep a man’s interest without Sex, to Marriage ?

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Posted 2 years ago
Great Gram was on point about the dimes

Even if you were fortunate enough to have a great grandmother 👵🏾 to give you advice about avoiding premarital sex, you need Wife School ( like all other women across the globe get informally from birth ) to have a healthy family. Definitely worth the time and money

Brittany Taylor
Posted 2 years ago
Very insighful

Thank you so much for sharing such wisdom.

Posted 3 years ago
Great advice

Mrs. G discusses the importance of waiting until we are married to have sex and it makes perfect sense.

Destyne Pitts
Posted 3 years ago
A True Gem

This course is a true gem. I am very thankful for the knowledge shared.

Jasmine Bryson
Posted 3 years ago
Stop being used

This course will get you on the right path of dating for marriage & avoid being used by males.

Joy Dillon
Posted 3 years ago
American Culture is Anti Marriage

How do we keep a man’s interest without sex? Do we even know why this is important? This course highlights how we’ve been purposely taught things abs beliefs that are anti family. Truly several gems 💎 in this course that are life lessons to pass on to our daughters.

Posted 3 years ago
Knowledge to empower feminine women

Everything that many "relationship coaches" teach in the USA is wrong. The information presented here is correct for feminine women.

Deidra Mcdowell
Posted 3 years ago

Thank you for this awesome reminder. 🌹

Sherna Peterson
Posted 3 years ago
Much Needed

This course is packed with great information as it pertains to our community. If you want to know how to keep a man interested pay, then close attention to what this course has to offer and apply it. It is really good and life-changing.

Ifé Alleyne
Posted 3 years ago
Learn about Men!

Thank you, Mrs. Grangenois for having this discussion. This information is so needed in the US. Listen up and get onboard ladies!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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