WSO4. Why are girlfriends treated differently than wives ?

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Brittany Taylor
Posted 4 weeks ago
Thank you!

Much needed and insightful information. Thank you very much.

MaDonna Hill
Posted 3 months ago
This is information that is desperately needed in our community

Young women need to know this critical information to avoid the "girlfriend" trap that could ruin their entire lives.

Destyne Pitts
Posted 3 months ago
Thank you

Much gratitude to Roots of Royal for expanding my perspective on the topic.

Shaunese Lawrence
Posted 4 months ago
Understanding The Girlfriend Trap is Critical

Understanding that we do not require a girlfriend period for a man to determine if he sees marriage in the future is critical. Women must understand that the Western world's approach leads to the breaking of our own hearts. We deserve better when we choose to be better! Awesome course!

Joy Dillon
Posted 4 months ago
Girlfriends Are for Sex

We have been taught completely wrong in Western culture what it means to be a girlfriend. Most can’t fathom not being a girlfriend before becoming a wife. This course is a very important lesson to teach our daughters to ensure they are on the path of becoming wives and not being used as practice. All girls and women need to be taught this valuable lesson. Thank you ROR!

Deidra Mcdowell
Posted 4 months ago

Finally was able to take the test. Thank you again. Wifeschool continues....😊

Sherna Peterson
Posted 4 months ago
Be A Wife; Not A Girlfriend

This course confirms all of what I have noticed in relationships that did not result in marriage. Ladies there is a difference between presenting ourselves as girlfriends vs. a deserving man's wife. Listen closely to what being presented in this course. It's a much needed conversation.

Ifé Alleyne
Posted 4 months ago
Date for marriage.

This lesson confirms the need to never be a girlfriend and why dating for marriage is so important.

Posted 4 months ago
Lovely course

What a wonderful reminder of the uselessness of girlfriend-hood. We don’t have to be used and abused, thanks to Mrs. Grangenois’s teachings.

Posted 4 months ago
No to being a girlfriend; yes to being a wife

Many USA women focus on being girlfriend. This course explains why this is problematic, and how to think in terms of not only becoming a wife, but demanding to be treated as such from the very beginning.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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