WSO3. How to self love?

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Shaunese Lawrence
Posted 5 days ago
An amazing course with a wonderful step by step plan

This course was such a pleasure to take! Understanding where we currently are and receiving actionable steps with how to improve were amazing! We cannot wait to meet the people we will become after taking these steps.

Joy Dillon
Posted 6 days ago
Self Love is Key

This course is a really good start to understanding how Black Americans operate when it comes to conscious level and love. A step by step list is given so we can immediately apply the concepts to change our life and attitudes. Would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for specific direction to becoming a happier person daily. Thank you!!

Posted 3 weeks ago
Thoughtful course

Mrs. G gives us much needed time, and information, to think about what conscious level we’re on and how to change it , if need be. Thank you Mrs. G.

Canisha Gillon
Posted 3 weeks ago
Beautiful course

Please have your pen and paper ready while viewing this course. So many gems on how to maintain happiness. I look forward to studying this course again and initiating the steps discussed to achieve happiness daily in my life.

Posted 3 weeks ago
What a lovely course

We really enjoyed this very lovely course with actionable steps for how to be happy and truly love ourselves.

Jasmine Bryson
Posted 3 weeks ago
Take notes!

Such a beautiful course with 30 + ways to self love and bring actual happiness into your life. Be sure to take notes and practice the wisdom shared ASAP.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Compassion for others, not thinking of ourselves first, is a great way to teach self-love. This is different than how self-love is taught in the USA, but I can't really think of any person who has achieved self-love by focusing on oneself first. Great information!

Ifé Alleyne
Posted 3 weeks ago
Diet of Character for Self Love

This was such an interesting topic. I look forward to the 21 day diet of cleansing negativity from my life. The steps may seem daunting at first but with daily practice of compassion, we can achieve anything.

Ja’el Mosley
Posted 3 weeks ago
It feels good

My greatest takeaway from this course is that it’s OKAY to be happy! I love that it provides strategic solutions on growing your own happiness and the happiness of others. Love love love it!

Deidra Mcdowell
Posted 3 weeks ago

Merci for this reminder. I was able to add more notes. Thank you all for what you have done for our family.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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