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Posted 12 months ago
Compassion is Key

This course covers being our natural African selves, shedding the American, western, dysfunctional behavior. These courses are one of a kind.

Danae Mosley
Posted 12 months ago

This course (and the test) were soooo so good! It addresses many behaviors that we don't realize demonstrate a lack of compassion, the reasons why, and how to correct those behaviors. This information is super important as we heal from matriarchal trauma, adopt patriarchy, and reconnect with our African roots as well as the African continent. Anyone who is considering traveling should take this.

Donna Bullock
Posted 12 months ago
Compassion Always Wins

I love how down to earth this course was. It's very humbling to know that we are always in a position to increase compassion. Understanding cultural differences and viewing things outside of an American lens can help tremendously.

Deidra Mcdowell
Posted 12 months ago
Compassion and Patience

This course help me to realize alot within my self. Thank you for sharing possible experiences that will arise and that will also test our compassion coming from America. I will watch this until it is in my "Longterm Memory". Mercy!!!!

Posted 12 months ago
Tear-jerker for me

This lesson made me reflect on my life so much. Over the years, I stopped being compassionate in a lot of ways out of fear of seeming weak. I wish I would have found wife school a decade ago. The validation, of who I am and who I can be, that this video gave me was invaluable.

Mary P
Posted 12 months ago
Eye opening!

Will be practicing what I have learned. I did not know about the feminine color wheel and it’s importance, being quiet, and the value of a woman’s voice at different times.

Joy Dillon
Posted 1 year ago
Let’s Start With Compassion

What an maxing foundational course. Compassion is a good place to start. Americans are greatly lacking in compassion and this course is a wonderful resource on cultural awareness of our African brothers and sisters. We have to remember to practice displaying and having compassion daily in our lives. Many new ideas and concepts to consider so we can grow our compassion. Thank you!

Shaunese Lawrence
Posted 1 year ago
Compassion is true love for our community

This course was so enlightening! I now feel as if I have a higher level of what compassion looks like and how we need to be mindful of our behaviors towards others at all times. It is better to be respectful through taking the time to understand cultural differences and how we can serve our community in the best way possible.

Alicia Peterson
Posted 1 year ago
High level Compassion

This course was so inspiring. It really outlines true high level compassion and etiquette. It gives motivation to go deeper in compassion and selflessness; in return, igniting more feminine grace in wives and future wives.

Ja’el Mosley
Posted 1 year ago
Compassion is community

I enjoyed this course. My greatest take away is that our ability to be compassionate and respectful allows others to support us with the same in return. This minimizes abuse, neglect, and independence. It allows a community of trust.

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