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Wife School Online Course : Orientation

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Marsha Dickerson-Jones
Posted 2 years ago
Wife school

Thank you so much! This is a wonderful opportunity. What a pleasure to have access to whole healthy community of people committed to building together and loving each other long term while obtaining wealth. Thank you

Posted 2 years ago
This is Wife School

This short orientation course gives a complete and informative answer to the question, "What is Wife School"

Posted 2 years ago
Honor & A Privilege

So honored to be here and be in this space. I'm so excited about the journey and transformation to come. Something truly real and worth believing in.

Alicia Peterson
Posted 3 years ago

This course brings more clarity about the movement. It also explains why travel study is a must. Merci for providing this course for those who might not know where start.

Sherna Peterson
Posted 3 years ago
The Purpose of It All

If you did not understand the purpose of Wife School School, then here is where you start. This orientation was straight forward and to the point, but in such an elegant manner. I now understand what is required to be dedicated to such an amazing journey and its purpose.

Dee Rogers
Posted 3 years ago

This orientation is what inspired me to apply to Wife School after being on the fence.

Khaliah Coleman
Posted 3 years ago
Great Overview

I now have a better understanding of the time commitment and investment that it will take to complete and master Wife School! It is serious business!

Posted 3 years ago
Great overview for newcomers

This course gave a succinct overview of wife school. I am new to Roots of Royal and I had many questions that this course answered.

Angela M
Posted 3 years ago
More than just being pretty

Wife School combines knowledge from multiple cultures to teach family success for our lineage. Much of this information has been stolen from those of us living in the US. It would take years of study & travel to replicate on our own. Plus having mentors to guide us along the way. Black men & women deserve healing. A healthy, loving family unit should be a birthright for all black children.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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