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Viviyana Bey
Posted 2 days ago

I love this! It was very sensual and romantic. This will definitely create a continuous bond between the both of you...A great way to serve ones husband.

Posted 2 weeks ago
So Elegant

Very sweet PDA between husband and wife’.

Posted 2 weeks ago
Very Beautiful

I loved it. Very submissive and very feminine. I love how she honored him by serving him first. it was beautiful to see

Destyne Pitts
Posted 3 weeks ago
So Lovely

This was so loving, so caring, so feminine, so submissive, & so sweet. We can learn a lot from Japanese culture. Thank you Root of Royal.

Deidra Mcdowell
Posted 3 weeks ago
Beautiful and Sacred

What a beautiful way to show respect. Thank you for sharing this Madame G.

Posted 3 weeks ago
The power of submission and sensual touch

Thank you Mr and Mrs. Grangenois for sharing this beautifully cultured, intimate moment with us. I look forward to having a tea ceremony with my husband, such a beautiful form of nurturing, submission and love.

Lauren Lewis
Posted 4 weeks ago

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment. Extremely cultured and lovely Madame. Thank you showing us how powerful submission is.

Danae Mosley
Posted 1 month ago
Highly sensual without being sexual

The tea ceremony is the highest level of the the kind of submission, respect, and touch that we need to learn and practice with our suitors and husbands. This was really incredible to watch and learn.

Dominique DeLoatch
Posted 1 month ago
Sensual, Submissive, & Serving

Merci Beaucoup! Such a beautiful and cultured example of submission. I can imagine all 5 senses going wild! The visual of the wife and the setting, the music, the aromas, the delicacies, the massage combined with the act of serving to guarantee your husband will not want to go ANYWHERE! Loved loved loved. Thank you so much Mr. and. Mrs. Grangenois

Ifé Alleyne
Posted 1 month ago
Reinforce the importance language of touch.

The Tea Ceremony is so romantic. This video reinforced the importance of touch without words. It’s such an important way to communicate and show love to your spouse. Every detail is planned and timed so very well. The ceremony has me so excited for travel studies!!

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