Super Parenting Part 3.

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Posted 2 days ago
You need ALL 3 parts

Parts 1 & 2 exceeded our expectations and part 3 was no different! The parental education offered throughout the entire course was phenomenal. You need to view all three sections to get the complete picture. No skipping!

Posted 2 days ago
So Good

Part 3 was packed with important information including the full list of parental duties. It’s clear that basic parenting just isn’t enough for our African-blooded children. Like Mrs. Grangenois, I am so excited to see our future children having the ability to use more than 10% of their brain power as a result of super parenting ~

Posted 3 days ago
Life Changing and Overdue

This course is so enlightening and is exactly what is needed to set our people on track. I am so excited to be a part of this Movement as I know that Greatness is within us. It’s our time to spread the knowledge and bring people into the light.

Khaliah Coleman
Posted 5 days ago
Higher Consciousness Education

The missing links to so much that is vital to successful marriages, parenting and family is in this course! The intensive was worth the investment and it saves you so much in unnecessary pain and suffering when you take the time to level up in life! This life should be loved in a higher consciousness with an intelligence that makes mastering life easy! Take this course! Thank you Grangenois Family

Tanisha McCormick
Posted 5 days ago

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. G for providing a wealth of generational knowledge. This course gives you all the tools you will need to forever change your family for the positive. The information that is provided is aiding in healing and creating healthy African families globally. I personally can not thank you both enough! Thank you for sharing with us all!

Posted 6 days ago
Elevated by the G Family

Dearest G Family, Thank you for your excellence and grace. This course is ground breaking! We have a lot to do now, but it is all good work for the upliftment of our families for years amd years to come.

Posted 6 days ago
Forever Grateful

OMG....this course has been so powerful and life changing on many levels. I’m just so elated to be a part of this community. Mercí

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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