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Super Parenting Part 3.

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Posted 3 years ago
Take it all in !!

This course is desert. You will listen over and over again and catch many jewels. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Posted 3 years ago
What Parents Don't Know Can Affect Generations

People can create and be responsible for a whole human life, and have no instructions. Although some instincts kick in when we are in a neutral loving environment, we really do need a manual. Super Parenting course is the most extensive way to bring out the intelligence in African Blooded children, and to correct mistakes in the parenting we had as well.

Posted 3 years ago
A Challenge Lies Ahead

These requirements for proper, well rounded parenting is a challenge, yet absolutely necessary for the full health and well being of my future husband, my children, myself, and generations to come. One step at a time; one task at a time; refresher, refresher, refresher as often as possible.

Sherna Peterson
Posted 3 years ago
Parenting With Intentionality

Super Parenting Course Pt. 3 brought it all home with specific of what it takes to be successful as parents. In part 3 of this course I discovered the purpose of being intentional in my parenting and all that it encompasses. The Super Parenting Course is enlighten and empowering. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is seeking to better their families.

Posted 3 years ago
Valuable Information

I am very thankful for these courses. The information provided is valuable in setting up your family for success as well as helping you heal as a parent from your past traumas.

Posted 3 years ago
Can't thank BlackWealthU enough for this class.

So thankful for this content. It truly makes a difference in our community. The Super Parenting Course makes you think about the current situations and how improvements can be made immediately.

Destyne Pitts
Posted 3 years ago
Forever thank you to the Grangenois Family

Part 3 of the Super-Parenting Course was extremely insightful & the information shared is truly invaluable. Thank you so much to the Grangenois family for truly caring for us and helping us towards reaching generational success and happiness. I am not a mother yet; but, I feel so much more aware and prepared to nurture my future children, as well as children I am around after taking this course.

Dee Rogers
Posted 3 years ago
So much information!

Having watched several times and feeling like everytime there's is something new to learn is just so unbelievably. There's so much to family and parenting that wasn't taught to us. Breaking generational curses everyday and pushing our family forward into a new dawn, is the new normal in our household.

Posted 3 years ago
Wealth of information

I am so elated after taking the super parenting course. Thank you Mrs, G for this wealth of information. I feel more empowered by generations of strong family protocol, rather than opinions.

Posted 3 years ago
Great Course!!!

I’m so appreciative to have taken this course!! Now I have tools that I can use in raising our children better than ever before! Family planning is so needed and I have learned through this course the importance of carefully applying knowledge and wisdom into my daily parenting to develop good well rounded children into effective adults for society who can pass on the legacy to others as we grow!

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