Super Parenting Part 2.

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Posted 8 months ago
Life Changing

I started implementing the teachings Mrs. G has given and I already see a difference. The biggest is that I am happier, less stressed, and so is my children! Mrs. G has revealed treasures and it is changing my family for the better. I will replay this several times. Thank you so much. I wish I could invest in the entire Wife School all at once.

Posted 9 months ago

Wow!! This course was super empowering for parents and generational success!

Sherna Peterson
Posted 10 months ago
Refreshing Enlightenment

Part 2 is beautifully explained and very informative. This course is necessary for our people to learn and to pass on to our children. Mrs. G speaks truth while uplifting us to rise to a better state of being. The values that are taught in this lesson, if properly implemented, will bless our families for generations to come. I am grateful that I am learning in the midst of such wisdom.

Posted 10 months ago
rewarding to learn

In this section of the super parenting course, I found the in depth break down of parental duties fascinating. I have a better understanding about teenage linear intelligence.

Jacqueline Collier
Posted 10 months ago
Excellent Content for Everyone in the Family

I have enjoyed this second installment of the Super Parenting Course taught by Mrs. Grangenios , and I am looking forward to the next one. Like many other courses offered here on BlackWealthU, much wisdom was shared that I will use to help raise children, and grandchildren, while gaining better understanding of myself in the process.

Posted 11 months ago
Court Help!

I am soo extremely grateful for the mentorship given in this course! I am currently co-parenting and it can get very difficult dealing with an ex and a court ordered guide for parenting. This course has helped me so much get the best out of my children. It’s given me knowledge needed for proof of training if I have to return to court. Thank you for helping me become a super parent!

Cher Fades
Posted 11 months ago
Rewind & Replay!

Second time watching part 2 and so many gems. Could watch many more times and still learn more.

Heather-Sky McField
Posted 11 months ago
Everyone needs to take this course!

I have learned so much! it honestly gives me a better understanding of how so many educated people are failing. Many of us are raised well, but without the specific guidelines that will really separate you from the pack. I am thankful that I stumbled on this course.

Shaunese Lawrence
Posted 11 months ago
I know better understand how to raise black children

This course is truly eye opening when it comes to raising black children. Focusing on their needs and understanding healthy approaches has led me to believe I will be ready when my time comes, hopefully soon; with the help of wife school!

Elainna Smith
Posted 11 months ago

They get better and better! I am truly enjoying learning about my children!

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