Super Parenting Part 2.

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Elainna smith
Posted 10 hours ago

They get better and better! I am truly enjoying learning about my children!

Khadijah King
Posted 4 days ago
The Parenting Course You Need To Understand the Different Stages of Development

I cannot recommend this course enough. If you have African blooded children this course is the holy grail for learning how to parent at every single stage of their life. It doesn't matter how old you are or how old your children are, you need this course!

Marilyn Atkinson
Posted 4 days ago
Even Better

Wow. Part 2 was even more enriching! Nutrition part 1 was my favorite part! I feel healthier already. Cheers for this knowledge to our future generations!

Posted 7 days ago
Beautiful and life changing.

This course is changing our family for the better. Madame goes over marriage, pregnancy, infancy to young adulthood, with precision and love giving families what is needed for generational success. I recommend this course for all. It's needed so much in our community.

Posted 1 week ago
Grangenois Family has done it again!

From Potty Training to teaching multiple languages, our people will not find a better parenting course out there. Thank you all for your generational building information!

Rachelle Harris
Posted 1 week ago
Parenting class part 2

I enjoy learning from Mrs. Grangenois, and I recommend this course to all parents.

Posted 1 week ago
This course elevated us and Our Sons!

This class changed everything for us, reinforced things we knew, but overall upgraded our parenting style. I have taking notes and posted on the side of the fridge where I stand when washing dishes to ensure that I am vibrating on a high level for my husband and our sons. Our children have responded so well to how our parenting has shifted, even my husband is impressed with my changes

Posted 1 week ago
Pt 2 builds off Pt 1 MUCH NEDDED COURSE!

Pt 2 is so vital to African blooded children development. So much wisdom and eye opening. Your family is guaranteed family success and a healthy marriage w/ following these guidelines. It is an investment that keeps on returning. Have your pen & pad ready for so much needed information. From children wealth building to 70+ parenting duties. This course will not disappoint you!

Posted 1 week ago
The information value is immeasurable!!!!

The continual gems and golden nuggets of information are immeasurable! The clarity of precision when explaining each stage of childhood development was thorough and very needed. The biggest takeaway for me was about the spiritual growth and continued healing that I will do to provide the best life for my future children and everyone I come in contact with.

Posted 1 week ago
The entire course is valuable lessons

Thank you Mrs. Grangenois to teach us with compassion what a lot of us did not received in our childhood. I recognize that I have a big work to do on myself but to correct myself is to give a better future to our children. I feel like being born again as a new person.

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