Roots Of Royals Episode 1.

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Lauren Lewis
Posted 5 months ago
On point

Very small details, make the best changes. It’s time our men receive our full support. Letting the bonnet go has been the best thing ever. Especially for late night spooning.

Sabah Leena
Posted 7 months ago
Thought provoking.

This course was very insightful as far as how the treatment of hair in our community can be better than the treatment of our loved ones. Our ladies need this information quick, fast, and in a hurry!

Jamie Cooley
Posted 8 months ago
Awesome class

This class engages deep into your subconscious to reconsider why we do things that do not make any logical sense. We have gone insane in the United States when we spend trillions on “hair care” when we don’t own trillions of acres of land and trillions of wealth for our families. This class is a great resource for for the community.

Posted 8 months ago

I have never thought about how consumed American black women are about hair. We do need to redirect that time away from hair and to our families. Thank you for reminding us what is important.

Posted 8 months ago
Black Is Beautiful

Thank you for this! I need ALL my black queens to know their naturalness is beautiful. Yes I own a bonnet but it does get stinky over time. My understanding is they are meant to keep natural oils within the hair and prevent developing "strays" while your SLEEPING. It is NEVER meant to be worn outside or throughout the day. That's just tacky and lazy. Satin or silk pillow cases is an alternative.

Kateri McKnight
Posted 8 months ago
Valuable information

This course seems to be a great step in reconnecting to our ancestral roots. And yes the bonnets do start to smell. So uncouf

LaToya Evans
Posted 9 months ago
Hair Bonnets

This course was right on point. I hate hair bonnets, their ugly, ghetto and very unattractive. I agree 100% with this message. I still don't understand what its for or what they do for the hair. The two young ladies did a great job presenting the material and gave great examples. Thank you for this reminder that its not attractive especially in front of our husbands; its definitely a turn off.

Viviyana Bey
Posted 9 months ago
It Makes Sense

The information in this video made so much sense. I never liked seeing women wear their bonnets and bedroom slippers to run errands. However, I am guilty of wearing bonnets at home and to bed...sad to say. I am now making the proper changes to eliminate them from my wardrobe. Thank you for the lessons; they are well appreciated.

Deidra Mcdowell
Posted 9 months ago
Family first not Hair

Thank you for this video.

Jewel Odom
Posted 10 months ago
Nice & Informative

The video was quite nice and informative.

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