Roots Of Royals Episode 1.

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Rachelle Harris
Posted 1 day ago
Must need course for all parents!

I truly love this course . I have learn so much from Mrs Grangenois.. It is a pleasure to learn this knowledge, and be able to immediately apply it to my family. I recommend this course!🥰🌹

Posted 3 days ago
Life Changing

This class has greatly opened my mind and eyes about parenthood, my roll as a mother and what the purpose and meaning of what legacy is. I have to unlearn to relearn and I’m so excited to finally be on the path to generational success.

Posted 6 days ago
Best parenting course ever!

This parenting course was truly an eye opener. It’s helped my family so much in just a short period of time. This is definitely a need for parents and our children will be forever grateful. Thank you for the time spent and showing us what real true parenting feels like. We are forever grateful!

Khaliah Coleman
Posted 6 days ago
I never knew I was married to a hairband!

This course really spoke to me! The definition of women who wear bonnets was me; working, paying bills and premarital-sex! I was reared from a baby that my hair had to be racked/combed into submission. Many detangling sessions turned perm sessions caused a lot of grieve and frustration when it came to hair. This course has confirmed I was right to go natural in 2008 and free my mind and family!

Posted 1 month ago

Truly eye opening. 💕

Posted 1 month ago
Lessons and Blessings!!

I love watching these beautiful ladies share wisdom for the betterment of our women and families!!! The episodes are informative, funny, relatable and empowering!! I learn so much and appreciate the broadcast!! I highly recommend!!

Posted 1 month ago
Good insight

I enjoy the casual conversation style of this Episode. The hosts are relaxed and speaking in an easy to comprehend, direct manner. Hearing their thoughts gave lots to think about in my own personal views. Thank you!

Posted 2 months ago
Divorcing Hairsbands for Husbands

Our Family would first like to say thank you to all of the families of BlackWealthU and Roots of Royals for the consistent and practical family wealth wisdom imparted. It is an honor for us to be apart of this lovely family! Divorcing hairsbands for our Husbands is a major step in achieving family success and culture. Our family receives high respect from most because we put family 1st, not hair.

Alexis Lynch
Posted 2 months ago

This video uncovers so much more than hair! Don't let the title fool you. There are so many freedoms that are reviewed in this video!

Posted 2 months ago
Whew! Hot topic 🔥

There was so much truth exposed. Our dead hair should not receive more nurturing than our families. We need to get it together. Hair cannot protect nor provide for you. I dare you to press play and revaluate your view on hair maintenance.

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