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As an expert and professional consultant of culture and language, Ro Élori Cutno conducted a 2 year long global study on the cultures of men and women, and the languages of love and sex. MAN LEADS brings global insight, practices, and wisdom to demonstrate clear examples of what a truly loving relationship and family really looks like. According to the 2 year long global study conducted by the title’s author, the only way that a relationship is capable of true fulfillment, is when everyone involved agrees that 1 MAN LEADS…Even if woman gracefully and indirectly leads man with her femininity and nurturing touch and sex. This book will drastically change the way you view yourself in relationships. Gaining such a valuable collection of global wisdom will undoubtedly strengthen modern families, teach how to achieve the deep love we all need, sharpen the skills of a masculine man or a feminine woman, and bring much comfort to any person who enjoys embracing traditional roles when it comes to masculine RESPECT and feminine LOVE.

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Posted 3 years ago
This book is the blue print to create an amazing family legacy, Don't miss out!

With every reading I am floored with the elegant simplicity and deepness of Man Leads. Thank you for leaving this MAN-ual so that others too may regain what was stolen from us and have generational success!

Joy Dillon
Posted 3 years ago
Our Family Manual for Generational Success

Wow...completely blown away by Man Leads. We received this book a couple of years ago and have reread it in entirety and use it as a reference for the foundation and structure of our family. This book is truly a gem and we are very grateful to have a copy of it. The current state of our community is deteriorating and this book gives great insight on how to restore family and make marriages last!

Posted 3 years ago

I am so glad that we can have a virtual copy of this book. It's very helpful and joining the bookclub has helped a lot with questions.

Posted 3 years ago

There are some books that every person needs to have in their collection and this is one of them. This is the information that I’ve needed for so long. I love the format and how it’s so easy to read. I finished the entire book in about a day or so. It’s that good. I reference it constantly and my marriage is better for it. I encourage anyone who wants a successful relationship to get this book !

Posted 3 years ago

In reading about this movement via social media, it's very easy to misunderstand the message. Only in reading Man Leads can one begin to see the bigger picture. Thank you for this book!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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