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Posted 2 days ago
Most thorough and amazing parenting course ever!

I loved that this course was so thorough and tackled topics that many are afraid to discuss. And also solutions were presented that are very doable. Amazing and highly recommend for all families

Heather-Sky McField
Posted 4 days ago
This course is Amazing!!!

I am so thankful that I was introduced to this course. It has really revealed a lot of things that I had never even considered.

Posted 6 days ago
Thankful and Grateful

I’m sooo pleased to be a part of these teachings and imparted wisdom. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Ayana Evans
Posted 6 days ago
Amazing course

I’m absolutely blown away by this course . Everything I’ve experienced in my life makes so much sense. I have a young son and I doubted my capabilities of being a good mom. I was so scared I’ll make the same mistakes my parents did. Now I’m confident and I’m dedicated to my legacy. My generational curse has been broken. Thank you Mrs.Grangenois ❤️

Rachelle Harris
Posted 6 days ago
Much needed course for all parents

I truly enjoyed taking this course! Mrs Grangenois is a amazing teacher when it comes to parenting. I am grateful for the knowledge I’ve learning , and I was able to apply it immediately to my family. Thank you for you time. You are appreciated!

Posted 6 days ago
This class is a GAME CHANGER

I am so happy that I took this course, and following this movement overall. Instantly after training our son how not to interrupt in conversations, he gets it! This class helped me to see that I was not listening well to our children, which made them behave poorly. Working on re raising myself has been the ultimate gift, thank you ROR ... our family is rising.

Posted 6 days ago

This course is a game-changer. IT gives you a wealth of information to b able to not only use with your own children but any child that is around you.

Tashawn Ransome
Posted 6 days ago
Tools for family success!!

The excitement surrounding this course is definitely all it is hyped up to be! The teachings of Mrs. Grangenois are exceptionally above par and priceless. I recommend this course to any one who wants to make positive progress towards building strong familiar values that produce generational success!

Posted 7 days ago
Oh so grateful

I am extremely grateful to have taken this course. As a woman who has not been around many children outside of my niece I am insecure about being able to properly care for my child. I'm very grateful to my family who have taught me many thing but who have also instill unhealthy behaviors that I've been correcting. This course brings awareness and serves as a guide and I am very thankful for that.

Posted 7 days ago
The Parenting Every Child Desesrves

The Intro to Parenting course doesn't even scratch the surface of all the benefits to being a great parent and parenting well, yet it is so full of wisdom, aha moments, and a level of healing that not only sets your children up for success, but facilitates enough love to be gained by the parents. I highly recommend watching this course several times for deeper understanding.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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