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Super Parenting Part. 1

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Mercy Odhiambo
Posted 2 years ago
Life changing!

This course has changed my life! I had to rewatch it several times, because it was/is therapy. So many things from my upbringing that I wasn't aware of. I have gained a whole new perspective on parenting and looking forward to part 2. This class is A MUST for every girl and woman around the world !

Posted 3 years ago
The parenting course everyone needs.

This course is needed for adults, even if they do not have children. This course gives so much insight that is needed for individuals and families to become more productive. Thank you for this vital information.

Posted 3 years ago
A Treasure For Eternity

This course is a comfort, a blessing, and therapeutic. As a mother who was raised with an absent father and an abusive mother, this course is highly needed to prevent repeating the mistakes my parent(s) made. My spirit smiles knowing its not too late to fix what was instilled in me.

Cheli Williams
Posted 3 years ago

This course is everything my family has been needing and then some. I am forever thankful for being exposed to information that will create much generational success as I apply it to my family. I noticed a complete shift of thinking within myself, as I listened to Mrs. Grangenois eloquently teach on how to properly parent and re-parent yourself. Everyone should take these courses!

Sheniece Hanes
Posted 3 years ago
Thank you

I really appreciate the time that you took out your day to deliver this message. It put in a mindset that I should've been in. But know that I know what's going on I can fix it. Thank you again

Sherna Peterson
Posted 3 years ago
The Super Parenting Course is absolutely brilliant.

First and foremost, Mrs. G, thank you so much for this much needed beautiful gift of valuable life lessons. I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to such wisdom. This course has opened my eyes to certain things I didn't know about myself, my child, family, and community. The way that the content was delivered challenged me to look deeper and to do better.

Brittny Cobb
Posted 3 years ago
Life changing information

This course is filled with so much life changing information that I am blown away. I learned so much not only from the lesson itself but even how Mrs. G interacted with Grace during the lesson. I saw first hand the poise, patience, politeness, fun, and love that I was being taught in real-time. I will be sure to come back and take more and more notes and rewatch this lesson over and over again.

Zali Israel
Posted 3 years ago
Parenting Prerequisite

Honestly, I have a short attention span; however, this course kept my interest the ENTIRE time. There were many jewels to take away and to apply IMMEDIATELY. It was informative, thought-provoking, humorous, inspiring, and right on time. I look forward to finishing the book and enrolling in other courses. Thank you again for the opportunity!

Posted 3 years ago
For those wanting to become SUPER PARENTS only!!

This course was very eye opening! We watched this together as a family and all enjoyed the learning experience. Mrs Grangenois teaches in a compassionate language and tone we could all understand and easily connect with. This video is definitely a NEED & must for the American African blooded family and suitable for all ages! Wish we could see it again in the future... Thank you Roots of Royals!

Jacqueline Collier
Posted 3 years ago

This course is amazing, and as always, Mrs. Grangenios has over-delivered by exceeding expectations by teaching clearly and concisely the way to heal our own childhood dysfunction as adults. I am writing my review after viewing the course, from start to finish, for about the 4th time. Take the course, you will not regret it!

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