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International Etiquette Certification 4

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Black men and women from all backgrounds can feel secure to become certified as an international etiquette coach, while sharpening etiquette skills. Without seeking perfection, you may begin to gain $50 passive income , PER student, as a host to students of this course. This quickly add up, and it is truly lovely to be free to live anywhere on earth, where there is wifi.

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Posted 3 years ago
Watch with your children!

This is a course I absolutely love. I blew this course up on my living room television to watch with our daughters, after we finished they started greeting each other in ways that other countries greet. At the dinner table we correct each other often on proper etiquette thanks to this course.

Posted 3 years ago
Eye opener

This is so different from what I’ve learned about etiquette. I am definitely connecting the dots with everything Mrs. Grangenois teaches. I’m so very thankful and grateful! Grangenois family! Thank you very much for this opportunity!

Posted 3 years ago

The Roots Of Royals “International Etiquette” course was an eye opener. This course has brought to my attention that I need to completely redo my dining area at home while also preparing me for future dining experiences outside the home. I am glad and grateful to have some insight on better ways to carry myself when dining with others while displaying class and femininity.

Posted 3 years ago
J'adore! It is a must!

I never heard about international etiquette before and I am so grateful that I've decided to learn and be teached. All the 4 courses are very instructive, creative and I realize that I barely knew about etiquette. A touch in every culture is really thoughtful, respectful and much more. Thank you again Mrs. Grangenois for going beyond to teach us!

Alicia Peterson
Posted 3 years ago
Highly Recommended: eye opening and rewarding

The Grangenois family have out done themselves with the etiquette courses! The wealth of knowledge and wisdom are so enriching for Africans in America. Most importantly, it provides opportunity for African men and women to obtain passive income while they focus on leading and nurturing families to success for generations to come. With great sincerity, I highly recommend the etiquette courses!

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