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Black men and women from all backgrounds can feel secure to become certified as an international etiquette coach, while sharpening etiquette skills. Without seeking perfection, you may begin to gain $50 passive income , PER student, as a host to students of this course. This quickly add up, and it is truly lovely to be free to live anywhere on earth, where there is wifi.

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Posted 1 month ago
Expanding My Worldview

I enjoyed learning the common faux pas that distinguish the wealthy and internationally traveled from everyone else.

Posted 1 month ago
Course with Class!

Thank you so very much for this foundational teaching on International Etiquette. I learned the "why" behind some things I already knew and I learned many NEW things too. It's really lovely and refreshing to hear a teaching on being polite and serving. I like that. 🙂

Posted 1 month ago

I've always wanted to take an etiquette course and I must say that this one was perfect. I will feel more confident with proper dining and representing my family and future husband properly.

Posted 1 month ago

I’m so very happy I’ve taken these etiquette courses. I didn’t realize I’ve been doing it all wrong my entire life!!! Such a game changer for me and I’m so grateful I got it in time to train my children and develop my family in a more appropriate way!! I’ve not traveled so much so this was a blessing to be corrected and enlightened on so many levels of culture!! I highly recommend!!

Posted 1 month ago
Mind Blowing!!

The information is very specific about the ways Americans fumble at dinner. This course ranges from proper business. Dinner. Behavior to home training for the children at the table. The teacher was delightful!

Posted 1 month ago
From the outside, looking in

So very interesting to see how one's simple, thoughtless actions can be detrimental to their family's success. Going through this course makes you slow down and really think about your actions.

Posted 1 month ago

Much needed, I am so much more aware of how I am representing my family while dining. Silence is so powerful l!

Posted 2 months ago

It's just shocking how many simple every day behaviors could be ruining our family reputations and opportunities! It will take lots of practice to be better, but it's worth it!

Renee Wilson
Posted 2 months ago
Life Changing

I wish I had taken this course a day sooner and I would have saved myself (and my family/my people) of embarrassment. I should probably be arrested by the etiquette police for the amount of faux pas I've committed.

Posted 2 months ago
Thank You!

This was an eye opener. I’ve taken an etiquette course before and learned very little of what was taught in this course. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to learn. Now to put in to practice with my daughter and husband. Thank you again!

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