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Viviyana Bey
Posted 2 days ago

I enjoyed this lesson a lot. I sometimes speak with a "sing songy" voice, but I did not realize that it was considered a feminine way until I joined this movement...Lol! I am still working on my voice though. I am still continuously unlearning some of the nonfeminine ways I learned in the military. I am improving daily.

Posted 2 weeks ago
It works.

I used my soft voice with my fiancé and instantly saw results. I practice using my feminine voice more now.

Jasmine Bryson
Posted 3 weeks ago
Practice practice

Taking this course has reminded me of how much work I still need to do when it comes to my voice. I enjoyed listening to the ladies practice as I practiced along with them. Great course!

Posted 3 weeks ago
Feminine Polishing

Although the video had points where you REALLY need to listen closely, I think the information was and will be very useful for our women in the near future who want to be taken more seriously and more positively, as wives and mothers. Our family will definitely utilize this information right away, & keep our tone, mood, and surrounding energy the best we can. Thank you family for this course. ✨

Lauren Lewis
Posted 4 weeks ago
Just wow!

It’s the small things that makes a big difference. It’s astonishing how true, blaq American females are taught the opposite of man charming. This course will really allow you to understand how we prioritize the wrong things. Thank you for the continuous wisdom

Dominique DeLoatch
Posted 1 month ago
Women Will Hate You 😊

Men used to tell me here and there that I had a really nice voice before this class, but once I started using my feminine voice intentionally, I started hearing this way more, almost immediately from almost every man I spoke with and even repeatedly. It also has shown immediate and powerful results when used on my children to get then to behave or listen.

Deidra Mcdowell
Posted 1 month ago
Feminine practice.

Thank you for this awesome reminder. ❤

Ifé Alleyne
Posted 1 month ago
The power of a feminine voice.

There is so much power gained by speaking in a feminine manner. Practice, practice, practice!

Canisha Gillon
Posted 1 month ago
Soft voice please

I enjoyed viewing the ladies instantly refining their Feminine voice. Great course and another great tool for wife school students.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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