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30 Minutes Meal.

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Sherna Peterson
Posted 3 years ago
Ready To Try...

All three meals are on the this week's menu in our household. 30 minutes or under delicious meals sounds great to me . Mrs. G, thanks for the demonstrations.

Posted 3 years ago
Beautiful Presentations!

Your family will look forward to dinner at home!

Dee Rogers
Posted 3 years ago

Very interesting course. A must for all looking to improve their skills!

Khaliah Coleman
Posted 3 years ago
This is needed for every woman to save time & fine dine!

This class was delightful and eased the anxiety of prepping & plating which can often feel overwhelming. I am from the South where Soul Food Meals can be very time-consuming and exhausting. Seeing these amazing, colorful complete yet easy to prepare meals have made me excited to cook more! Please get to taking this course and others. You will not be sorry that you did!

Posted 3 years ago
Can you drop the playlist please?

Watching this cooking watch party was amazing! I made the chicken marsala and my family loved it!

Lauren Lewis
Posted 3 years ago

Presentation, natural precision, satisfying, high vibrations, music, quality. . . We could go on with the amount of expertise witnessed in this 30 min meal course, as there isn’t just one word to describe this level of passion. Your eyes, and ears dancing through the whole video. Thank you.

Katharina Kegelmann
Posted 3 years ago
The Art of Cooking

This course is not only a course. It is a piece of art. The food and the making look delicious and joyful. It is very inspiring . I am realizing that by not cooking myself I am compromising in quality and taste of my food. Therefore I am planning on changing my eating lifestyle. The music choice in the video is great. Thank you. I will rewatch.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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