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Wife School Partial Scholarship Application

The Wife School partial scholarship application is an exciting, fun, 3-month process. Please note that women of all sizes and backgrounds will be equally considered, and that required mentorship will aid you to improve in these areas, as needed.

However, we may choose more ladies who qualify at our discretion, based on their qualifications. Please also note that during this process and during Wife School, you must be on your best behavior, publicly representing us with class and integrity, or you risk being disqualified. Please stay polite,  do not publicly use profanity, think hard before speaking, speak softly, keep a modest (covered) appearance, and always offer help and respect, to those in need who cross your path.

From a mobile device: 1. Go to your profile 2. click the (...) that is located to the right of "add to story" 3. Scroll to the bottom and copy your profile link
You will be contacted by email. Please use an email that you check and make sure this is the same email for your BlackWealthU account.
You need to have an account. Register here:

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